Operation: Safe Escape

Operation: Safe Escape is OSPA’s anti-domestic violence initiative. We apply OPSEC concepts and traditional security resources to combat domestic violence, stalking, and related crimes. We focus on protecting the victim of domestic violence and their family from the moment they decide to leave up until they’re at a safe place.

We also maintain a website designed to help individuals access critical security resources and contact our organization for assistance.

Are you in danger now? Call 911 or the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800−799−7233

How it works

The individual

We work with the individual, often through their support system or social services, to help with the technology and security considerations related to their escape. We bring both OPSEC and traditional security expertise to bear for this important mission.

Supporters and Allies

Next, we work with the individual’s support system, allies, law enforcement, and other key individuals to make sure the escape is successful and that they have a safe place to go. Often, this means training, awareness, and consulting- all at no cost.

Security in Perpetuity

It’s important that the individual not only feel safe, but they also need to be safe. We help them recover their sense of safety by teaching them new security skills and securing their devices and accounts. We help them stay hidden as they start their new life.

Would you like to help?