Privacy Checkup

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Email IP Leak Test – Is your email provider leaking your IP address?

HaveIBeenPwned? – Has your email address been disclosed in a data breach?

Pastebin Dumps – Check if your information has been dumped on Pastebin (nearly 80% of doxxing is on Pastebin)

GhostProject – See which passwords (partially obscured) are associated with your breached emails


UserSherlock – See which online services are associated with your username

NameChk – Another way to see which services are registered with your username

TwoFactorAuth – Make sure you’re using 2FA wherever possible

Spycloud – see if your online accounts have been breached and view which usernames and passwords were compromised

Tinfolead – Search for Twitter user leaks

Stalkscan – See what you’re revealing via FaceBook, even if you think you’re locked down!

SnoopSnoo– Information revealed by your reddit profile

About you

Pipl – Highly accurate people search

Cubin – Public records search