OPSEC Resources

Unless otherwise noted, the following OPSEC resources are free for personal or professional (non-commercial) use, and may be edited or published in any OPSEC awareness campaign.

Additional OPSEC resources are available in the member’s section

OPSEC Videos

PSA Video Playlist – A youtube playlist featuring OPSEC awareness videos

“A part of the team” – Family OPSEC Video

Downloads and Tools

Buscador OSINT Operating System

OSINT Search Tool

OSINT Tools and Resources Handbook from i-intelligence

Texts and Documents

The “Opt Out” list. Links to opt out from the collection and sharing of your personal information from multiple services.

OPSEC Rules for Blogs, forums and chat (free to use and modify)

Determining Critical and Sensitive Information

Risk Analysis Chart – from the IOSS

OPSEC General Order Example


Initial and Annual OPSEC Briefing – A basic OPSEC brief compliant with DoD policy. Can be tailored to the organization

OPSEC for Military Family Members – OPSEC presentation for friends and family members of deployed servicemembers.

OPSEC for Space Battles – Uses real-world examples from Eve Online to discuss OPSEC in warfare

Modern Day OSINT – OSINT in the age of the Internet. References Killing with Keyboards

Using OPSEC to Combat Domestic Violence – How OPSEC can keep people safe when their adversary is inside the home

TRASHINT – The value of trash to our enemies